About the cycleway and its supporters


This site is run by me, Bob Foster, and other cycling and countryside enthusiasts who wish to share the delights of the Avon Cycleway.

The aims, broadly, are as follows: 

– To inspire and encourage cyclists to use the Avon Cycleway and experience the beautiful countryside around Bristol.
– To provide practical information to enable them to do so
        – maps
        – gpx files to download
        – linking routes
        – mileage for different loops
        – known good pubs, cafés, tearooms, etc.
– Provide further information for enrichment of the experience  – history, geography, wildlife etc.
The Friends of Avon Cycleway is a small group of local people who regularly use parts of the Avon Cycleway. We’re keen to encourage everyone, of any age and level of fitness, to get on their bike and experience the wonderful countryside around Bristol. If you are interested in being a friend, let us know on the contact page. You can then take part in our discussions on the cycleway – new and alternative routes, maintenance, relevant legislation, and so on. In other words, getting more involved that the casual cyclist.

Of course, you can also keep in touch on facebook. We welcome your comments, photos, recommendations and stories.

History of the Avon Cycleway

The Cycleway was established in 1989 by Avon County Council’s Cycle Project Team and involved over 400 marker signs. A few of the original signs survive to this day. The original research for the route was done by the late Chris Hutt, who campaigned for better cycling conditions in Bristol for many years and who served as Cyclebag’s secretary. This website is dedicated to Roger Chapman who was a senior transport officer at Avon County Council. He gave strong support to cycling in Bristol including the Avon Cycleway and rode the complete route.

Please consider making a small donation. It will help me to keep this site going and to improve it with more and more content.