Hallen – Littleton on Severn

Between the King William IV pub in Hallen and the White Hart, Littleton on Severn.
The routes are the same in both directions – no one-way sections.



From Hallen, take Berwick Lane for a couple of miles. On your right is Spaniorum Hill.

DetourThere are a couple of footpaths up the hill if you want fantastic views of the Severn Estuary. One path is just before you get to the left turning into Vimpenny Lane, and then there’s another one just before you get to Bishop’s Farm. Both are marked on the OS map for Bristol West.

After a bit, you’ll notice a very small brook running along by the left side of the road in front of some rather nice houses. You then cross over the brook before turning left into Bow Street Lane. Left at the B4055 through Easter Compton and then right into Station Road

The Plough Pilning

Under the railway bridge just east of Pilning station, and the road changes to Pilning Street. You’ll soon pass the locally famous Plough country Inn. A good place for a quick drink out in the garden. Carry on , and you’ll notice the Gumhurn Rhine running along both sides of the road.

Turn left onto Awkley Lane and then right and over the M4 and then over the M48. Take a moment to reflect on those driving on the motorways and how lucky you are to be on your bike.  Carry on into Olveston.

White Hart

Take a left into a street called The Street, past the White Hart on your left and then take a right onto Elberton Road. Take a right onto the B4461 and then immediately left signposted to Littleton on Severn. Carry on into and through Littleton on Severn and the White Hart is on your right – actually easy to miss. Lovely pub with nice secluded garden.

Severn view

Here’s a preview photo of a little detour off to the banks of the severn estuary.